It’s Official: 73% of Republican News Watcher Are Less Informed

January 19, 2012

Public Policy Polling (PPP) just released their 3rd annual TV news trust poll. Surprise, surprise! 73% of Republicans don’t trust anyone but Fox Faux. So how does that make them less informed? Read on.

The University of Maryland completed a study in December 2010 and found that daily Fox News viewers, whether Republican or Democrat, was the most misinformed. Then in November 2011 Fairleigh Dickinson University completed a “Public Mind” poll and found that those who watch Fox News are left knowing less than those who watch no news at all.

Maybe one of the reasons Fox viewers are dumb is because Fox Faux themselves can’t keep their lies straight. Relative to how many jobs the Keystone XL Pipeline will generate, it is between 2,200 and 1 million depending on which Fox idiot you are listening to. But the official number, according to the pipeline company itself, is only in the hundreds. Just so you know, as little as 200 jobs is considered “in the hundreds”.

There you have it! Now, you are informed.


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