Banning Books In Arizona: Food For Thought

January 21, 2012

Arizona is just the latest state to ban certain books. Many other states and / or cities have ban books in the past for various reasons such as someone perceiving them to be offensive or because the books didn’t fit someone’s ideology (remember that word). The latter reason is why my state of Texas banned certain books and re-wrote others; the current controlling political party wants a Texas history with a heavily-favored conservative view. Are we — we-the-people — so stupid that we can’t see the forest for the trees?

89 79 years ago a tyrant ordered the burning of books that he insisted did not support his ideology. Adolph Hitler was his name, and the country was Nazi Germany. In a more subtle way, America is going down the same path. The only difference between Hitler and what will eventually happen here is that we’re taking baby steps so we can claim it was done under a democracy. Let’s face it; that tactic has a well-proven past here in America.

Check out the other states and cities that have censored, banned or challenged books.

Germany 1933

United States 2012


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