Diversion: The GOP’s Number One Tool for Deception

March 26, 2012

The Republican National Committee has been under a court-ordered monitoring decree for the past thirty years for voter fraud. They must ask for and be granted a release from the courts before the decree can be removed. Yet the GOP continually accuses Democrats of voter fraud. That’s a basic staple of survival for Republicans: divert attention of their wrongdoing by aggressively accusing Democrats of the same crime.

As has been well documented, Republicans have been engaged in a war on women for the past two years. Now they’re trying to divert the attention for these actions by blaming President Obama of the same practice. Even when a strong Republican “news woman’ decides the GOP is out of line with their war on women, she tries to minimize it by blaming both sides.

After 30 years of strongly supporting an upward mobility of wealth, the common people had enough; and called out Republicans on it. So what did they do? They blamed Obama for class warfare when he wanted to give tax cuts to working families.

And concerning who caused the national debt? Republicans have been very successful in blaming Obama when in fact George W. Bush’s policies added over $5 trillion to the debt compared to only $1.44 trillion by Obama policies. Furthermore, growth in government spending under Obama is much slower than it was under both Bush II and Ronald Reagan, yet the GOP hammers Obama everyday for his spending.

Concerning that debt, no doubt you recall the US downgrade by Standard & Poor’s last summer. That was a direct result of a near-shutdown of our government by Republicans; which was something they wanted. It was a grandstand play with intentions of blaming Democrats. In the end, they got 98% of what they wanted and still blamed Democrats for the downgrade. However, the actual report by S & P directly blamed Republicans for the downgrade.

Adding insult to injury, Fox Faux, the GOP’s official Public Relations channel, is blaming Obama for oil company subsidies; a corporate welfare program established by the GOP more than four decades ago and have been fighting to protect ever since. Fox ignores the fact that Obama’s own budget calls for repealing the subsidies.

On the financial crisis of 2008, the entire world knows it was caused by Wall Street greed and corruption. But after insisting on un-enforceable policy changes, Republicans blame regulators for not enforcing the policies.

These are only a few examples where Republicans are guilty of wrongdoings then redirected the attention on others. This is not by accident; it’s by design. Early last year, Haley Barbour, then-governor of Mississippi, actually said ‘keep your finger pointed at Democrats’. And there are those in the media, such as CNN’s Candy Crowley, who insist on including Democrats in the blame-game when they can no longer deny the Republican’s unethical behavior.

Relative to the voter fraud mentioned in the opening paragraph, over the past 25 years the GOP has asked for a release, but haven’t really fought for it. It’s only been recently that they have begun to fight to get the decree removed. There’s good reason for that; their latest voter fraud was just 8 years ago – as far as we know.

In late 2008 I wrote about what may be the most egregious voter fraud by the GOP when then-Presidential candidate George W. Bush was appointed President by a GOP-controlled Supreme Court in 2000 in spite of the overwhelming evidence that voter fraud was rampart in the state of Florida. Many others wrote about what happened in Florida. A similar thing happened in 2004, only it was Ohio that year.

The bottom line is that although there is sufficiently more evidence that the GOP has been involved in voter fraud than Democrat’s, they are constantly waving the voter-fraud finger at Democrats; which fits right in with their policy of “point enough fingers, scream loudly & often, and their sins will be overshadowed”.


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