Pennsylvania State Government Now Dictating What Doctors Can Tell Patients

March 26, 2012

What in the hell is going on in Pennsylvania? Now the state has passed a law that prevents doctors from telling their patients what’s causing some of their ailments.

The provision, which was “buried” in the bill, is just another move to protect oil and gas companies in Pennsylvania who are engaged in fracking operations. It does this by preventing doctors from telling patients that chemicals used in fracking may be at the core of the their sickness.

This is not the first move by Pennsylvania’s law makers to give fracking companies a green light to do just about anything they want. Led by a Republican governor, Tom Corbett, and a Republican-controlled General Assembly, they “have given the natural gas industry unprecedented power to overrule local governments and drill anywhere.” In plain words, local governments and citizens now have no say whatsoever over fracking operations in their towns, communities and privately owned land. In the process Governor Corbett, who has taken millions from the natural gas industry, refuses to tax natural gas drilling operations in the state. Corbett even appointed an anti-environmental, industry-friendly mogul to influence regulations in Pennsylvania.

This latest move by Pennsylvania is a perfect example of a government gone wild. Having succeeded with their past dictatorship-style of government, they now consider themselves powerful enough to dictate the doctor / patient relationship. This falls under the category of “fracking may be deadly so we’ll simple stifle the voice of opposition”. But thankfully doctors are concerned about this attempt to stifle them. But we probably shouldn’t count on that stopping the Pennsylvania dictatorship.


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