The Effects of a Black President What Would The Political Climate NOT Look Like Had Hillary Clinton Been Elected President?

April 9, 2012

A black man being elected to the highest office in the land has conspicuously exposed one of our not-so-well-hidden secrets. It has brought out the absolute worst of our society, to the point of being savage. What has been said and done over the past three-plus years is what one would expect from an uncivilized society.

We have witnessed elected officials, both in Washington and across many states, say and do things they would have never considered had a black man not sit in the Oval Office. We’ve heard people in the media do the same thing, often leading the charge. Millions of ordinary voters have joined in. Organizations have sprung up that wouldn’t exist had Obama not been elected President. Hate groups have multiplied, and already-existing hate groups have accelerated their hateful rhetoric since Obama took office. Even certain so-called news organizations have started praising Neo-Nazis as civil rights groups.

Because of racism, guns are now an accepted accessory at political rally’s, in state legislation buildings and even court rooms. Gun sales have increased exponentially; not because Obama has a funny sounding last name, but because — he’s — black.

In 2008 the country was about ripe to accept a woman President; but not a black one. So what would the country not look like today had Hillary Clinton won the nomination and the Presidency instead of Barack Obama?

(The idea behind most of the right’s legislative actions has been an attempt to make Obama look so bad the country would never again consider a black man for President.)

For more than a year now the Old Man has been very puzzled with what seemed to be the most startlingly admissions by dozens of elected and want-a-be elected Republicans and, in deed, the entire GOP. What I’ve been hearing are things I often suspected them of but had no concrete evidence. My thoughts were ‘how in the world can Republicans hope to get the majority of the commoners’ vote by advocating such things?’ Then Vice-President Joe Biden saidOf all the times I’ve run for office, — this is the first time the Republicans aren’t hiding the ball. They’re saying exactly what they think. They’re just saying straight up, straight up what they believe.” That’s when it all came into focus; Republicans know there’s enough hate for a black man in the White House that they feel very confident they can finally step out of the closet and still carry the election.

Seriously, just for a moment, take a hard look at all the radical policies the GOP — both in Washington and in Republican-controlled states — have either implemented or tried to implement over the past three years. I mean, it’s like they’ve all got together and said ‘let’s go for broke; we’ve got the support’. They never would have taken this kind of chance of exposing their true ideology had racism not been a major consideration. It says that Republicans’ truly believe there’s enough racism in the country to get them elected regardless of the fact that most of their intentions is not in the best interest of ordinary Republican voters. And you know what; they’re right — unfortunately.

So what are some things ordinary Republican voters would not put up with from their party if a black man were not in office?

  • The GOP’s Supreme Court decision to give corporations guaranteed control over elections.
  • Taking their voting rights away from them.
  • Elimination of government agencies that protect their food, air, water, safety and consumer goods.
  • Taking their rights away to receive fair treatment from employers.
  • Attacks on climate change when they see the results in their own back yard and state.
  • Although the GOP would have still circled the wagons to protect Wall Street banks after they crashed the world’s financial system and economy, Republican voters would have fought back at allowing bankers to continue the exact same practice while growing stronger in the process.
  • Blame ordinary homeowners for the financial crisis.
  • Attack their women and women’s rights.
  • Attempts by their party to kill the most iconic American car company.

Additionally, given the state of our debt and deficit, Republican voters would have vehemently opposed:

  • Giving wealthy people huge tax breaks while increasing taxes on themselves.
  • Giving corporations huge tax breaks when they’re already paying less than they would in any other developed country while increasing taxes on themselves.
  • The continuation of charging wars of choice to the taxpayer credit card.
  • Elected officials protecting tax evasion by corporations and wealthy people.
  • Republicans continued government welfare to the most profitable industry in America (oil & gas).
  • Continuous rewards to corporations for shipping jobs overseas.

Most are too young to remember when it was nearly impossible to find a southern state that voted Republican. Republican Presidential candidates simply made a token appearance in the south, except for Florida where people from all over the country retired. They knew those states were not only going to vote Democrat, but most would do so in a big way. Then came 1965 and the signing of the Civil Rights Act by then-President Lyndon B. Johnson; a Democrat.

The Civil Rights Act changed the south in a very big way, but not as intended. Racist hearts caused tens of millions of Americans to almost immediately change their political party affiliation. Even Johnson knew the existence of racism in the south, and he acknowledged that fact when he purportedly said immediately after signing the Act into law, “we just lost the south for the next 50 years”; or something to that affect. What he obviously didn’t know was the depth of racism. It’s now been 47 years and the south is no closer today in forgiving Johnson and the Democrats than they were in 1970. In fact, since racism is proudly past down from generation to generation, I think it’s safe to say that Democrats will never be forgiven.

Having been born and raised in rural Georgia, I have witnessed first hand a lot of racism. I remember seeing many KKK rallies’ where even poor white people like my self were in fear. I recall when black people were forced to walk on the outside of store-front sidewalks so white people could walk the inside in order to window shop. But as the decades went by, a lot changed. In fact, I came to actually believe that blatant racism was becoming a thing of the past in my home town and much of the state. Although I never actually lived there again after graduating from high school, my many visits back to my home were “telling” me so. But the fact is, since Obama’s election, I’ve realized I’ve never been so wrong about anything in my life. I’ve actually overheard so-called ‘pillars of the community’ saying things like ‘we’ve got to get the “N*gger” out of the White House’.

There is so much hate for Obama in this country that, as one writer said, it “has forced conservative extremists out of the closet”. Some say Republican judges are “deranged by their hatred of the president.”

So, yeah! Our country is much, much more divided today than it was before President Obama was elected — but it wasn’t Obama’s actions that did it; it was us – with our biases, hatred and racism. As yet another writer said, “We call Obama a Muslim because it’s not socially acceptable to call him the ‘N’ word”. But it’s still hard for many to not use the “N” word in public; even Republican Presidential candidates.


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