Secretly, GOP Very Happy Democrats Won White House In 2008 It May Have Saved the Grand Old Party

April 30, 2012

Because of the 2008 financial crisis, the best thing that happened to the GOP in November of that year was that a Democrat was elected President. The icing on the cake? He was black!

Once all the lies, spin, misdirecting, propaganda, biases and personal agenda are set aside, the entire world knows the 2008 financial crash was a direct result of past policy-making by corporate America’s private political party; eagerly assisted in some instances by the so-called “people’s party” – Democrats.

Had John McCain won the General Election in 2008, the GOP would have had no one to blame for the ensuing fallout of the financial crisis, thereby held responsible for everything that happened as a result of the crash. As such, their strategy of diverting attention so they could continue their full backing of Wall Street Banks and corporate America wouldn’t have worked. The 58 million who voted for them in 2008 couldn’t have been so easily conned. Republicans may think they’re upset with the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, but that’s nothing compared with what 150 million registered voters would have demanded.

And that additional and (mostly) unnecessary $5.7 trillion debt they piled up between 2000 and 2008 could not have been covered up by finger pointing, leaving them no option except to take responsibility for being big spenders instead of fiscal conservatives. As for that so-called “tea party” who organized “because of the debt and deficit”? Well, they wouldn’t even exist.

And speaking of debt and deficit — that financial crisis in 2008 the GOP so proudly laid the ground work for is the reason our deficit is $1.2 trillion. Without the crisis, the deficit would have been less than half that, at $427 billion. However, that, too, played into the GOP’s hands. They’ve been trying to kill Social Security since the late 1940’s and Medicare / Medicaid since 1965. The debt they piled up with their drunken sailor spending for 8 years topped off with the cost of their financial crisis has allowed them to successfully attack the programs simply because a black Democrat sat in the White House.

One thing stands out very clear. Republicans would never have been able to convince 50-plus million voters that it is reasonable to increase taxes on them while give more tax cuts to wealthy people. Without those voters hatred for a black President, I seriously doubt the Republicans would have even considered such a thing, given the debt they ran up.

What about the corporate personhood law made legal by the GOP’s Supreme Court? There’s absolutely no way the people would have stood for that had a white Republican been in the White House. All those tens of millions of voters who are now supporting the law (while hating it) simply because Democrats are against it would have become fanatical.

There wouldn’t have been a need for #OccupyWallStreet. Oh, the same people would be in the streets, but they would have been joined by the millions who now demonize them. No name labeling them would have been necessary.

Finally, all those attacks Republicans have waged on the common peoples of America would have gone nowhere. In fact, the attacks would have been turned on them so quickly they wouldn’t have had time to even regroup.

So, Republican’s; count your blessings. President Obama’s victory allowed you the opportunity to dodge the biggest bullet ever fired at you; maybe one that would have been the demise of the GOP for ever. And it swung the door wide open for you to achieve many of your goals, some of which you’ve been chasing for 65 years.


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