For Republicans, GOP’s Citizens United Ruling Working As Planned

May 4, 2012

The US Supreme Court, lead by a GOP Court majority, ruled in January 2010 that corporations were, in effect, “humans”; giving them complete legal freedom to purchase as many federal and state elections as they so desire. It’s working!

For most of the 20 years prior to 2010, more outside money was spent on Democrats than Republicans; but not by astronomical amounts. That stands to reason, given the fact that Democratic Party ideology fit the majority of ordinary Americans. Republicans weren’t too happy about that, so they decided to do something about it.

Republicans knew there was no humanly way to get those ordinary voters on their side; short of modifying their ideology, and that wasn’t about to happen. Therefore, it became vital to their existence — especially given the disastrous 8 years of Bush II — to “manufacture” humans who shared their ideology. Enter Citizens United.

After the 2010 decision and during the mid-term elections that year, outside spending on Republican candidates nearly doubled what was spent on Democrats. During this campaign season outside spending on Republican candidates has already increased 10 fold over Democrats (see chart below). With six months left before the Primary Election, there’s no doubt that will significantly increase.

Can you say “success beyond anyone’s imagination”?

VISIT the above link to view an interactive chart.


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