Wisconsin Recall Election: What You Need To Know About Governor Scott Walker

May 23, 2012

A very important state election is coming up in June 2012; quite possibly the most important election ever held relative to the future of American workers. It’s the recall of Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker.

Walker entered office with the full intent to kill all public unions in the state of Wisconsin. In fact, during his campaign, at a time when he wasn’t aware the camera was running, his exact words were “we will divide and conquer” (video), although he promised to collectively bargain with public workers before the 2010 elections (video). While union killing may be his worst constitutional crime, there are dozens of other unconscionable acts he’s committed since becoming governor – and before. As such, Walker has needed to establish a legal defense fund.

His lies have become an almost daily occurrence, and he seems to not care that everyone knows he’s lying. In fact, I would challenge anyone to produce another governor, past or present, who has told as many lies as Walker. He ranks among the most untrustworthy governor’s in the history of our country if not the worst. Yet Walker could easily win his recall election.

Billionaires are sending millions of dollars of outside money into Wisconsin in support of Walker. The Republican Governors Association is “ponying up big to support him”, contributing to the more than $13 million he’s raised so far; an unheard of amount for a governor. That tells us how important his success is to the rich and powerful.

Walker is the epitome of everything one can hate in a politician. In a perfect Scott Walker world, anyone without enormous wealth and power would be literal slaves. They would be abused, misused and beaten, only to be put to death when they were no longer able to serve their masters.

While several other Republican state governors are chasing Walker’s record, they’ve sort of deliberately lagged behind him — at least, for the time being — to see if Walker succeeds. And if Walker wins his recall, that will be the green light for those other Republican governors to go hyper.

Given the importance of this election, I’ve decided to put together some of the headlines over the past 16 months about Governor Walker. If you’re a registered voter in Wisconsin, do your self a favor; read these articles and take to heart the kind of person your governor is. Then ask yourself this question: “Do I really want this kind of human being dictating policy that will have such an adverse impact on my life, my children’s lives and my grandchildren’s lives?


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