The Deliberate ‘Lying’ About Federal Jobs Training Programs – VIDEO

May 24, 2012

Back on the 8th day of this month, the Wall Street Journal, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch of Fox Faux fame, published a piece about the federal jobs training programs. (They claimed that there are 49 such programs, but there’s only 47.) The Journal goes on to hammer away on the “wasted money” spent on these programs. But there is one small fact the WSJ “forgot” to mention.

All but three (3) of these programs have existed since before 2003 — the entire 8 years of the George W. Bush presidency. 6 of those 8 years Republicans controlled both houses of Congress. So why has this suddenly become a major issue? Why weren’t they “outraged” about the issue back then and do something about it?

The three additional training programs were added by the Obama Administration in 2009. They were part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act when unemployment was racing toward 10 percent. Obama had nothing to do with the other 94 percent of the programs.

OK, so a single article by the WSJ can not be defined as a “major” issue. But hold on — the GOP and their PR “news” agencies have jumped all over the subject, therefore making it a major issue. And, yep, you’ve probably already figured it out; none of them have mentioned the decade(s)-plus existence of 44 of those programs.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney jumped on the “outrage”. During a campaign stop in St. Petersburg, Florida a few days ago he lambasted Obama for all those programs. He “forgot” to mention that Obama had added only three of those programs. But it was so important that PolitiFact ran their Truth-O-Meter through it and found Romney to be “correct”. However, they too, failed to mention that Obama had added only three.

Then today on Fox Faux II (more commonly known as CNBC), Rick Santelli joined the bashing fray along with Oklahoma Republican Senator Tom Coburn (Video below). They made a huge deal out of it but, as expected, neither mentioned the fact that all but three were there before Obama took office; nor did any of the other CNBC panelist.

By ignoring certain facts about these programs, you’d think a Democrat was in the White House and an election was coming up. WAIT! There is and there is! Well, blow me down; deliberately misleading the general public (lying by omission). Who would’ve thought!


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