Few – Very Few – Believe The News Media Anymore

CORRECTION July 11, 2012 7:35 pm

July 11, 2012

A whopping 79 percent of adults in America do not believe anything coming out of today’s television news media. This telling information comes from a survey conducted by Gallup last month.

Broken down by ideology, 88 78 percent of conservatives, 81 percent of liberals and 80 percent of moderates fall under the category of disbelievers.

For anyone paying attention to all of the television news media, it’s very easy to understand this. Through a combination of wanting to become the news themselves and taking sides on political ideology, the media has sacrificed honesty and integrity.

Fox News set the current standard when they came on the air back in 1996. Today most of the other major news channels have followed suit to some extent. Take the latest examples from CNN.

For several months Candy Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent, has been flying her personal political ideological colors.

Over the past weekend she interviewed Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Republican. During the interview, McConnell kept insisting that they, the Republicans, had been trying to work with Democrats to get legislation passed through Congress. The entire world knows that’s a flat-out lie, but Crowley simply allowed him to get away with it. Even McConnell’s own words and actions have verified that fact on several occasions, admitting that as long as President Obama is in office they will fight him.

Crowley has been just as kind to other GOPer’s.

In an interview with business woman and confirmed Republican Carly Fiorina, Crowley allowed Fiorina to use the old worn-out and false excuse of “uncertainty” as the reason for companies not hiring after the healthcare ruling by the Supreme Court; knowing full well that any uncertainty now is caused by the Republicans still fighting it. But Crowley said nothing.

Furthermore, she aired a cropped video for an interview about the EPA in an effort to support those opposed to the EPA.

On the other side of the coin, Crowley has lowered the boom on Democrats. This past weekend she hounded Robert Gibbs, an Obama advisor, over an issue that has already been proven false by one source and ignored by another because of personal conflicts.

Then there’s Wolf Blitzer.

For weeks Republican Representative Joe Walsh has been slamming Tammy Duckworth, his Democratic opponent in the upcoming November election. Duckworth is a war veteran who lost both her legs while serving in the armed forces. Walsh has attacked her claiming she is not a hero, something Duckworth has never proposed. Walsh has insisted that Duckworth is politicizing her military service. So what does Blitzer do while interviewing Duckworth? He chastises her for responding to Walsh’s personal attacks.

CNN has also attacked the Obama campaign for airing negative ads while ignoring the fact that the Romney campaign does the same thing; the latter of which they’ve never acknowledged. And they allow conservative reporters to get away with lies simply because the reporter sorts of “grins & winks”; and in some cases, even when the reporter pretends to be serious. Conservative bullying also has a home at CNN.

Finally, there are these: CNN decided to pose the question “were poor people to blame for the economic crisis”; an obvious attempt to further blame the people for the crisis instead of the real culprits, Wall Street. And they’re still giving the Iraqi War neocons a platform to continue spreading the lies that lead up to the war, along with associated lies.

There’s more on CNN if you’re interested.

As one might expect, CNBC, the business channel, has tons of examples of their political persuasion. And their sister station, NBC, has their share. And everyone is just as aware that MSNBC is a liberal / progressive channel as they are that Fox is a conservative channel. And neither is ever going to give the “enemy” a fair shake.

Another example is that last year the Sunday morning talk shows hosted twice as many Republicans as they did Democrats. Granted there was a GOP Primary during the latter half of the year, but those talk shows weren’t all about the Primary; most of them were on issues being debated in Washington and across many states at the time. Therefore, there’s only one conclusion to be drawn: The news media was trying to get out the right’s point of view over the left’s.

Of course, there’s that other stickler: The main-stream TV news is — a corporation. And it’s never been a secret that Republicans favor corporate wants over citizen’s rights. So that alone, in today’s corrupt culture, is enough for the television news media to be politically biased; especially when it comes to their profits.

So why does four-fifths of the people not believe what’s coming over the media airwaves? It’s because the latter has proven they’re reliably unbelievable.

(Here’s several more links about the biased television news media.)


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