What If George W. Bush Had Told Us What He Intended To Do As President? Would You Have Voted For Him?

The number one issue Republicans have avoided over the past 4 years — as if it was the black plague — is the Presidency of George W. Bush. As the entire human species knows, there’s more-than sufficient reasons for the GOP wanting to wish away Bush’s 8 years – not his disastrous policies which they gleefully approved of, but from the minds of the public. Now they want us to vote in another “Bush”; without telling us exactly what he would do. So the question everyone needs to be asking themselves is ‘would I have voted for Bush if he would have told me what he intended to do’?

Even Bruce Bartlett, a well-respected Independent who served under two Republican Presidents, tells us today that Bush’s fiscal legacy reflects a complete and total disaster. Is that what we want to see again?

GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the Republicans are telling us very little of what they will do if they’re elected. However, they are telling us point blank they plan to give wealthy people and corporations more tax cuts and increase taxes on the middle-class to pay for those cuts; and, in a deceptive way, telling us they’re going to eliminate Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. However, they feel comfortable telling us all this during this election year knowing how much millions of Americans hate a black man being in the White House. But what else are they not telling us?

If the results of the Bush Presidency were first and foremost on everyone’s mind, Republicans wouldn’t stand a chance of retaking the White House — and they’d probably be thrown out of Congress. If there is any justice in this world, Ari Ratner will be right: George W. Bush will lose the GOP the Election.


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