Erin Burnett, Maria Bartiromo and Candy Crowley Not Pleased With Obama Win Attitude Evolution Right before Your Eyes

I don’t think I am being sexist when I say that women in general tend to show their emotions more than men. And I don’t think many women would disagree with that. With that being said — did you notice the evolutionary attitude change in Erin Burnett, Maria Bartiromo and Candy Crowley during the Presidential vote count last night?

As I have pointed out before, the Old Man is not dedicated to any particular news outlet. I’ve found that there’s not a single major news organization that doesn’t have a hard time keeping their political ideology separated from their reporting. Therefore, I continually switch around when I am TV-news surfing. As such, I learn an awful lot about news anchors and reporters. And most is not good.

Early in the evening last night, when the initial election results started coming in, Burnett and Bartiromo were nearly giggly in their tone and expressions. Crowley was unmistakably upbeat. That was when Mitt Romney was looking pretty good. It was also when not many believed that President Obama would carry the swing states; especially Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida. However, as things began to change in favor of Obama, so – did – the – three – subjects. It became obvious they were not pleased with the prospects of Obama being re-elected.

By 11:00 PM Eastern, the three girls were clearly depressed. By 11:30, they were nearly speechless. All three were having a very tough time getting through their respective comments, and those comments were very short and to the point — no expounding at all.

Look! News organizations are a huge part of corporate America. And these big-name reporters are paid a lot of money which, given the most important and immediate post-election agenda, places them directly in the sites of having to return to the tax rates of the 1990’s. Therefore, the last person they wanted to see win last night was Barack Obama. Had the situation been reversed last night, I can tell you from personal experience of watching these ladies over the past several years that they would have been beside themselves. Sad! Very sad! But true!


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