CNBC She-Bitch Mandy Drury ‘Thanks’ Harry Reid

In the face of the so-called “fiscal cliff” (really a slop), House Republicans went AWOL during the Christmas holidays in an attempt to blackmail Democrats into capitulating 100% to their demands. They left informing the White House and Senate Democrats that the fiscal cliff deal was “up to them”. So while Republicans were off enjoying the holiday with their family, friends and mistresses, Senate Leader Harry Reid stayed behind to try to solve the problem. Today Reid announced that it looked like we’re “going over the cliff”.

Mandy DruryIn response to Reid’s announcement, the stock market took a dive (but it came back, closing slightly down). CNBC went into action. By “action” I mean that they went on the attack against Democrats. First to fire a shot was she-bitch No. 4 (see below), Amanda “Mandy” Drury: “Thanks, Harry Reid” she said with sarcasm dripping off her entire body. (No video – her comments have been edited out for denial options.)

Drury is just like most everyone else at CNBC. A Republican could literally shit in their face and they’d smile and praise them for doing so.

It wasn’t the Democrats that broke off negotiations, took their ball and ran off like a 6 year-old child — it was House Republicans lead by their gutless leader, John Boehner. But that’s okay with CNBC; even when it is undeniably the fault of the GOP, CNBC is going to protect them at all cost.

She-Bitch No. 1: Maria Bartiromo
She-Bitch No. 2: Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
She-Bitch No. 3: Melissa Lee
(Bottle-blond Mandy Drury inherited the No. 4 spot when She-Bitch Erin Burnett left for CNN)


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