CNN’s Very Partisan Reporting On Fiscal Cliff Deal

Christine-RomansEarlier this morning CNN’s Christine Romans was talking about the outcome of the fiscal cliff deal that was sent to the President last night. She was saying the payroll tax deduction that was enacted two years ago, which affected the amount of Social Security tax deducted from your paycheck, would be going away. Her report would have been fine had she not decided to inject her disdain. She did so by speaking directly to the workers with “you know it was only temporary [when it was enacted]”. Good going, Romans — you hypocrite! No once — not – even – once — during the fight over the fiscal cliff did you ever remind the wealthy that those million-dollar tax breaks for them, compliments of Republicans and G.W. Bush, was – well, you know – “only temporary”!

Victor-BlackwellNot to be outdone, in CNN’s next show, Victor Blackwell reported on some goodies that was part of the fiscal cliff deal. For one hour, every few minutes, he reported on the tax concessions for Hollywood, NASCAR, the Railroad and Disney. In fact, relative to the Hollywood concessions, CNN connected that to Hollywood’s support of Obama during the election, even running a campaign clip by Jessica Parker supporting Obama. But guess which give-a-ways in the fiscal cliff deal DID NOT make CNN’s report? Tax concessions and tax breaks for corporate America, including Goldman Sachs, mining companies, off-shore financing loopholes for banks and tax credits for foreign subsidiaries.

Until all those two-faced reporting hypocrites are banned from the air ways, the new media can forget about having an ounce of credibility.


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