Why News Anchors And Reporters Took Sides On Bush Tax Cuts Fight

Did you ever wonder why your favorite news person(s) never reported on why the temporary Bush tax cuts should be allowed to expire for those making more than $250,000? Instead, actually defending those lopsided tax cuts? Well, I actually told you why way back in September 2010. But if you gave it some serious though for just a couple of minutes, you wouldn’t need anyone to tell you; you’d figure it out for your self.

As I and a very small number of other people tried to tell the public, ending the meant-to-be-temporary tax cuts for the wealthy was never expected to be the fix for our debt; it was meant to end the privilege of paying a smaller tax rate than someone making $50,000.

As I said in 2010, today’s crop of news anchors and reporters are self-serving reporters. They take the side best suited for them personally, which in this case is insisting that regular working folks share the country’s burdens so they, the reporters, can live higher on the hog. As one wise man saidA ‘sacrifice’ where some give up luxuries and others give up necessities is in no way ‘shared’”.

Now take a hard look at the 100-plus names below then ask yourself how many of them make less than the $250,000 original threshold set by President Obama. Then ask yourself if you were one of them would you not want to keep your better tax rate. The vast majority of us don’t have the same mind-set as Warren Buffet, so we have to be forced to do the right thing.

(The same names along with photos are also available)

Fox News

Alisyn Camerota

Andrew Napolitano

Bill Hemmer

Bill O’Reilly

Bret Baier

Brian Kilmeade

Brit Hume

Chris Wallace

Eric Bolling

Gregg Jarrett

Greta Van Susteren

Gretchen Carlson

Heather Childers

Jamie Colby

Jane Skinner

John Stossel

Jon Scott

Laurie Dhue

Martha MacCallum

Megyn Kelly

Neil Cavuto

Sean Hannity

Shepard Smith

Steve Centanni

Steve Doocy

Trace Gallagher

Uma Pemmaraju


Amanda Drury

Andrew Ross Sorkin

Becky Quick

Bertha Coombs

Bill Griffeth

Brian Shactman

Carl Quintanilla

David Faber

Donny Deutsch

Jim Cramer

Joe Kernen

Larry Kudlow

Maria Bartiromo

Melissa Francis

Melissa Lee

Michelle Caruso-Cabrera

Rick Santelli

Ron Insana

Sue Herera

Tyler Mathisen


Ali Velshi

Alina Cho

Alison Kosik

Ashleigh Banfield

Brianna Keilar

Brooke Baldwin

Campbell Brown

Candy Crowley

Carol Costello

Christine Romans

Erin Burnett

Gloria Borger

Howard Kurtz

John Berman

Poppy Harlow

Randi Kaye

Soledad O’Brien

Suzanne Malveaux

Victor Blackwell

Wolf Blitzer

Zoraida Sambolin


Andrea Mitchell

Anne Thompson

Brian Williams

Chris Matthews

Chuck Todd

David Gregory

Erica Hill

J.J. Ramberg

Joe Scarborough

Kelly O’Donnell

Lester Holt

Lisa Myers

Matt Lauer

Meredith Vieira

Mika Brzezinski

Nancy Snyderman

Page Hopkins

Pat Buchanan

Savannah Guthrie

Tom Brokaw


Bob Woodruff

Brian Ross

Dean Reynolds

Diane Sawyer

George Stephanopoulos

Jake Tapper

Katie Couric

Robin Roberts

Sam Donaldson


Bob Schieffer

Jim Axelrod

Julie Chen

Lesley Stahl

Norah O’Donnell

Rebecca Jarvis

Richard Schlesinger

Rita Braver

Scott Pelley

Sharyl Attkisson



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