Iraqi War: George W. Bush’s Unmistakably War Of Choice – VIDEO

Last week Rachel Maddow aired a 6-part video special on George W. Bush’s Iraqi War. The report was based on the 2007 book by David Corn and Michael Isikoff, “Hubris: Selling The Iraq War”. If you were paying attention during the many months leading up to the war, you knew something wasn’t right. The contradictory information being offered by the Bush Administration, plus the many conflicting reports from outsiders, left no doubt that Bush and his warmongers intended to go to war with Iraq regardless of the lack of justification, or the consequences. The Maddow report details the lies and deliberate misinformation coming out of the Bush White House.

Bush did the exact same thing Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson did in 1964, which I wrote about in 2008, and that Maddow points out at the beginning of the report. Bush outright and knowingly lied in order to get us into the Iraqi War, just as I said in 2010.

To sum up the cost of the war, there have been 4,486 American deaths, 32,226 wounded Americans, 108,000 civilian deaths and a monetary cost of $3 trillion, including an estimate of subsequent and collateral cost.

Every American should watch and listen carefully to the video report. It tells us just how quickly we can be drawn into a war simply because our President personally desires one. So in case you missed the special, you can click on the link in the opening paragraph above to see the six parts individually, or you can watch the entire report in a single video below. It runs 45 minutes.


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