Time For ‘We The People’ To Prioritize Our Political And Social Issues

Every single day I receive an average of about two dozen emails either asking for donations to support an issue or to sign a petition or to gather signatures in my area for a particular petition or to contact my elected officials in Washington or at the state level concerning an issue. Some of those emails are asking me to start my own petition for my favorite issue. To the point, there are so many political and social issues being simultaneously debated today that there is no way in hell any of them will ever be resolved if we continue this course.

I imagine each and every one of us has a particular issue that is more near and dear to our hearts than others. There’s nothing wrong with that. But there’s a saner and more effective way to deal with these issues than trying to force them all at once.

We need to look at this problem in this way: If you have a herniated disk, should you just complain about it to anyone who will listen, or should you go to a neurosurgeon and have him fix the cause of the pain? That’s where we are today with all these issues. So consider the following.

Through OccupyWallStreet, AmpedStatus told us two years ago what must be done first before anything else could be resolved. They gave us the two core common sense goals which would bring about real change: 1) Break up the “too big to fail” banks and 2) end the system of political bribery (campaign finance, lobbying, revolving door). David DeGraw went on to say “As long as the economy and government are rigged by the top economic 0.1%, we will all lose.” And loosing we are.

Whether you want to admit it or not, most of today’s issues will never ever be resolved until the two aforementioned issues are dealt with. Once that’s done, the government will once again be working for “We the People” instead of a small select few of elite and powerful people.

The 65 major-topic issues listed below covers most of what we have been fighting either for or against over the past 4 years. Obviously many of them have sub-topics, and several more, less visible, could be added. But think about these issues. It’s obvious all of them can not be addressed and brought to resolution at the same time, yet, that seems to be exactly what we are trying to do. Because of this “fix-everything-now” mentality, very little if anything gets done; there are too few people inflicting enough pressure on a single issue to achieve a resolution.

Next to the majority of the listed issues you will find a red asterisk. The asterisk indicates which issues would be resolved by implementing AmpedStatus’s two major reforms, because it would end:

  • Trillions of tax dollars being spent to keep banks in the casino business, which not only plays a huge roll on our economic roller coaster, but is a continuous money-eating machine consuming money that could be spent on things that would benefit all Americans.
  • People’s savings and investment dollars being at risk due to the banks gambling habits.
  • Five banks from controlling 52 percent of the financial industry’s assets and six banks controlling assets equal to 62 percent of the nation’s gross national product.
  • Banks both running up debt and allowing customers to run up debt that they know the government (taxpayer) will cover.
  • Elected officials, both federal and state, from becoming bought and paid-for lackeys for Wall Street, corporate America and wealthy people (this covers a whole host of issues that would be resolved).
  • Former elected officials becoming high-paid lobbyist for Wall Street and corporate America.
  • Trillions of dollars being lost on tax loopholes, and spent on government welfare, for corporate America and wealthy people (again, money that could be used for all Americans).
  • Government employees, appointees and major agency department heads coming from and going to Wall Street, being rewarded substantially for “services rendered” (Revolving Door).

If you’re honest with yourself, you will agree with me that a large portion of the listed issues would be resolved by following AmpedStatus’ recommendations, thus making it a lot simpler to address the remaining issues. If you do, and if you have not been an active supporter of OccuptWallStreet, ask yourself why not.

(Issues are in alphabetical order; not in any particular order of priority)

Afghanistan War

Animal Rights

Campaign Finance*

Capital Punishment

Civil Rights

Climate Change*

Corporate Welfare*

Creationism vs. Evolution

Debt and Deficit*

Disaster Relief






Filibuster Reform*

Financial Reform*

Food Programs

Food Safety*

Fossil Fuel*

Gas Prices*

Guantanamo Bay

Gun Control*

Health Care*

Health Care Cost*

Health Care Reform*

Health Insurance Cost*

Illegal Drugs




Iraqi War


Keystone Pipeline*

Labor Unions*

LGBT Issues



Mental Health

Minimum Wage*

Monetary Policy*

Political Corruption*



Public Education*

Public Employees

Public Health*




Renewable Energy*

Revolving Door (Political)*

School Prayer

Social Security

Tax Reform*



Trade Deficit*


Unemployment Benefits

Voter Registration*

Voter Suppression*

Voting Rights*

Wall Street Reform*

Women’s Rights

* Issues which would be resolved by fixing the “two core common sense goals” described by Ampedstatus.



Time For ‘We The People’ To Prioritize Our Political And Social Issues — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for stopping by, STS. I actually believe if that message could be spread across America, enough people would began to support OWS to get this going. But there are two problems. First, the enemies of OWS had so much money behind them two years ago that the propaganda machines were able to paint OWS as nothing more than a bunch of lazy, do-nothings druggies. Second was exactly what I pointed out in this post. Millions of people saw an opportunity to pile on their favorite issue. In fact, I conversed with David DeGraw expressing my concern that the true objective of OWS was being diluted by other issues that were not nearly as important or that couldn’t be solved until these two were resolved. David said that he and his group had already recognized that but since OWS was a decentralized group, they really had no way of keeping everyone focused. Sad, as be a decentralized group was key to several other accomplishments.

  2. Amen, Old Man!!

    Those two issues would clear up SO many others, giving us a little breathing room to tackle what’s left.

    Support OWS!

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