Tell Me. Are You One Of The ‘Food Taster’ Fools?

For the past few days the right, led by Fox Faux, the right-wing media has gone crazy over President Obama having a food taster. So tell me — are you one of the fools falling for the intended implication that Obama is the only President to ever have a food taster?

Okay, let’s work up to the grand prize(s). President Bill Clinton had a food taster. Bet you didn’t know that, did you? Well, he did. But, you say, he was a Democrat too. True, he was. But let’s go farther.

Both George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush – both Republicans – had food tasters. And the granddaddy of all Republican President’s, his “holiness” (according to the GOP) President Ronald Reagan had a food taster.

Again — are you one of the fools who have latched onto Fox Faux’s implied lies — again? If so, don’t you feel just a little foolish right about now? Or do you subscribe to the IOKIYAR theory – It’s OK If You’re A Republican? Or is your racism simply overpowering your ability to comprehend?

A shout out to Mediaite for the links to the other President’s who had food tasters.



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