With Opening Of Presidential Library, GWB Failures Are Up For Review

Over the past few days, there’s been considerable reporting about the upcoming dedication of President George W. Bush’s Presidential Library and Museum. Included has been the second serious round of attempts by right-wingers to rewrite Bush’s legacy, which I warned about in 2009 (the first serious round was Karl Rove’s book which he starting writing while Bush was still in office). There will be many more. But in light of the current round, there’s some who want to remind us again just how bad the Bush Presidency was. Dylan Matthews of the Washington Post has given us his take.

Matthews, like the man he works with, Ezra Klein, likes to use graphs and charts. In fact, he uses no less than 24 in his latest article to reflect just how failed the bush Presidency was. He begins with the Bush wars, which so far has cost $4 trillion, with a projection of $7 trillion by the time it is paid off 40 years from now. Matthews follows up with the unemployment chart which, as you can guess, is pretty bad. Further down we are reminder of the debt Bush left us which, by anyone’s standards, is eye-popping, followed by a graph showing the huge drop in tax revenue under Bush.

Of the 24 charts Matthews uses, only two categories leave Bush with a positive reflection: Education and HIV/AIDS Relief Plan. Unfortunately, by comparison, these two are greatly overshadowed by Bush’s failures. And no matter how hard the right pushes to eradicate the latter, the only people that are going to take note are the “Bushies”.


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