So You Think You Know Who and What Darrell Issa Is? Think Again!

Republican Representative Darrell Issa is the Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. If you know him at all, you know him as an ardent hater of the President, using his powerful committee to aggressively attack President Obama since becoming Chairman in 2009. But what you probably don’t know is who and what Issa really is.

PoliticusUSA recently gave us the skinny on Issa’s background – based on this report in January 2011 by The New Yorker – before becoming a member of Congress. And to tell the truth, it’s not pretty. However, it tells us a lot about the kind of people being elected to run our country these days.

  • From his Army days, Issa claimed he was always given the “highest marks” by the Army. But that isn’t true. Issa received unsatisfactory conduct and efficiency ratings and was transferred to a supply depot. Only later did he receive high marks.
  • Issa claimed he provided “security” to then President Nixon at the 1971 World Series games although Nixon never attended any of the games.
  • While in the Army, Issa was arrested for car theft and indicted for grand theft. Through some legal maneuvering, the charges were dropped.
  • Shortly after the car theft charges were dropped, Issa fled from an accident after he hit a 1959 Thunderbird classic driven by woman. Issa was later sued by the woman and a settlement was agreed upon.
  • One month after leaving the Army, Issa was arrested and indicted for stealing another car. Ohio police arrested Issa and his older brother, William, and charged them with stealing a red Maserati from a Cleveland showroom.
  • While the case for stealing the Maserati was pending, Issa was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon, 44 rounds of ammunition, and a tear gas gun with two rounds of ammo. He claimed he need that to protect his car — and himself.
  • In 1979 Issa’s brother, William, was arrested for using Issa’s drivers licenses to sell Darrell’s car. Darrell claimed he had left the car title in the car’s trunk. (Who does that?) The investigator believed the two had conspired to get rid of the car and then collect the insurance money.
  • Issa acquired his business by loaning $60,000 to the owner of Steal Stopper, a car alarm company. When the owner was late on a payment, Issa went to court and foreclosed on the business and then called the previous owner and told him “I just took your company”.
  • Shortly after the take over of Steal Stopper, Issa walked into Jack Frantz’s office, an employee, placed a box on the table and opened it to reveal a gun. Issa claimed Frantz had the box already and opened it as a threat to Issa. Issa used that incident to fire Frantz.
  • Shortly after raising his insurance on his car alarm company from $100,000 to $400,000 there was a very mysterious and questionable fire that destroyed the building (An accident report on the fire matched up more with arson than it did with accidental fires). The report cited “suspicious burn patterns,” such as “two separate major areas of origin,” and it said, “No accidental source of heating power was located at either of these two major areas of origin.” Cardboard boxes appeared to have a flammable liquid poured over them, and several test concluded that that was probably the cause. Issa somehow evaded charges although there were numerous pieces of evidence suggesting that Issa planned for the fire by removing critical information, including computers, and putting irreplaceable documents in a fire proof box just prior to the fire.
  • During the fire investigation, insurance authorities could not trace the money Issa used to loan to the previous owner.
  • Issa blames his brother’s illegal activities for being targeted for investigations.

How’s that for the man trying to prosecute President Obama and any other Democrat for perceived illegal activities? Does this sound like an honest man to you?


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