298 Organizations Were Targeted By IRS. Only 72 Were Tea Party Groups. Why Isn’t The Media On Top Of This?

Okay, so we’re all focused on the so-called IRS scandal. And the reason is because the GOP and their public relations news media and talking heads are literally screaming foul for tea party groups being singled out. But it’s all a big, fat, fu freaking lie!

During the hearings held by the House Committee on Ways & Means last week, acting IRS commissioner Steve Miller was hammered by Republicans for “targeting” tax exempt conservative groups for audits. Maybe he should have been questioned, but the only damn thing Republicans cared about was audits on tea party and other conservative groups — which consisted of only 30 percent of organizations audited. The fact that 202 other groups were audited was of no concern to Republican committee Chairman Dave Camp and his other hatchet men.

When Miller was questioned on why the IRS singled out tea party groups, he quickly replied that they had not singled them out – that only 70 of the 300 groups were tea party (see video below). Not knowing this fact, Republican Peter Roskam of Illinois shut down Miller and abruptly ended his questioning by saying Miller’s numbers don’t agree with IG (Inspector General) testimony. However, according to the inspector general’s report, 298 groups were targeted with 72 of them “tea party”, 11 “9/12” groups and 13 “patriots” groups.

The fact is that conservative groups were not “targeted,” “singled out” or anything else. All this is nothing more than an extension of how Republicans have conducted themselves over the past 4-plus years.


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