After Attempted ‘Executions’, Republicans Demand Favor From ‘Firing Squad’ Victim – CORRECTION

Correction update June 6, 2013: The young girl needing the lung transplant is not a constituent of Rep. Tom Price as originally stated, and she is only 12 years old rather than a teenager. Apologies for the error.

You’ve got to love the arrogance of Republican lawmakers in Washington. They personally attack any and all Democrats, administrative heads and employees, never letting up, whether there’s a legitimate reason or not. But as soon as one of them wants a favor from their victim they go before the cameras and lambast the person for not making their request a top priority.

Take for example tea party Republican Representative Tom Price from my home state of Georgia. Price is one of the well known loudmouths when it comes to attacks and criticism. But now he wants medical help for a teenage constituent (obviously for re-elections reasons) and he is demanding that Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius immediately grant his wish, elevating his constituent above of the tens of thousands of others who need the same help.

Simultaneously we’ve got several Republican Senators demanding there be an investigation into Sebelius’s assigned job of implementing Obamacare, with Republican Senator Tom Coburn leading the pack. Republican Representative Jin Bridenstine is doing the same thing. Then there’s Republican Senator Lamar Alexander comparing Sebelius to convicted felon Oliver North. (Ironically Alexander did the same thing he is accusing Sebelius of when he was working for George H.W. Bush in 1991.)

So what is Sebelius supposed to do? Upon request, just bend over? I suppose we can chalk this up to IOKIYAR – It’s OK If You’re A Republican.


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