This Is Why Main-Stream News Media Has No Credibility

1 month and 3 days ago it was officially reported in an Inspector General’s report that the IRS targeted far more groups than just the tea party and patriot groups. Progressive groups, liberal groups, Occupy groups, etc. In fact, there were many more in the latter than in the former. Yet, because the conservatives screamed the loudest and the biased news media happily repeated the accusations, the only ones the general public heard about from the main-stream news media was those “poor conservative groups”. But now that the mindset has been instilled, we’re beginning to hear the “oh, by the way” reports.

Both CNN and CNBC finally reported this morning that others besides conservative groups were targeted by the IRS (still waiting for Fox Faux to acknowledge it). And the insulting part is that they’re reporting in a mannerism of “breaking news”. Surprisingly CNN is worse than the corporate PR network CNBC. But when you think about who’s heading up CNN now, maybe it’s not all that surprising.

So why did the news media wait so long to report the WHOLE truth? It’s very elementary — they are accomplices’ in promoting the political right. Pure and simple!


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