DEFCON 1 ALERT: Why We Must Break Through The Media Bunker Protecting GOP

Tomorrow I will be posting the first in a series of attacking the root cause of our country’ problems. The series will begin by addressing the biggest obstacle to breaching the root-cause barrier: The news media. Ironically, the following recently-aired story couldn’t be more timely for the very point of the forthcoming post, and even a scripted one could not be more appropriate.

cbs-eye-patchCBS News recently ran a story about a woman in Florida who was upset and distraught over her health insurance premium going up from $54 per month to $591 a month because of Obamacare. The rest of the media jumped all over this story, essentially “repeating” what CBS reported. Naturally Fox Faux and other conservative publications had a field day with it. But as it turns out, there are monstrous problems with the facts here.

To begin with, the plan Dianne Barrette currently has is described by Consumer Reports as “junk health insurance”. Even the insurance company that sold the policy told Barrette to not rely solely on the plan. Why is that? For starters, it doesn’t even cover a hospital stay of any kind except – get this – pregnancy — for the 56 year-old woman. In fact, it pays only $50 toward any – got that?ANY service it covers, and just $15 for any prescription drug.

But the biggest problem with this is the reported projected premium increase. The cost that Barrette and CBS is touting ($591 per month) is deliberately misleading at best, and at worst, an out-right lie.

Barrette’s new plan will NOT cost her $591 per month; it will cost at most about one-third of that, or less than $200 per month: Only four-times what she’s currently paying — NOT 10-times as CBS reported. But it gets even worse.

Barrette will most likely be eligible for premium subsidies, which will reduce the monthly premium by about one-half: Less than twice what she’s currently paying. In fact, since she doesn’t smoke, she will qualify for the bronze plan in Obamacare, which will be only $97 per month – only $43 more than her current premium. And guess what? She will be guaranteed free preventive care, and coverage for hospitalizations — something, at her age, she most certainly will need in the near future.

And, of course, CBS made no mention whatsoever that a government-provided premium subsidy would also play a part in the equation.

Now I seemed to have read somewhere that CBS has since come out with a quick few-seconds “clarification” of their original extended false and misleading report. But that doesn’t clear CBS even a little bit. The intended seed has been planted and the intended results have been achieved: Everyone who is anyone in the main stream news media, including Fox and their conservative publication idolizers, has already run the original story over and over and over, leaving millions of consumers still believing it, never knowing any difference or changing their minds. Objective obtained!



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