Jon Stewart Tells News Media To Go F#*k Themselves

Well, it seems the main-stream news media now thinks that since Jon Stewart has poked fun at Obamacare and President Obama, both of them should just go away – literally. Based strictly on Stewart’s skit, Fox Faux thinks Obama should resign and take Obamacare with him. But as Stewart points out, they sure didn’t feel the same way when he, Stewart, was poking fun at George W. Bush and “Tricky-Dick” Cheney.

The real irony? It wasn’t just Fox who was touting Stewart’s “seriousness” — it was those “serious” media mouths and a government official — 10 of them — that point to Stewart as justification to shut down Obama and Obamacare.

Watch, enjoy and laugh — as Stewart makes complete fools out of the all of them.


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