The Black President Has Two Years Left In Office. GOP, Enjoy Your Last Hurrah!

One thing we’ve learned since the Presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan is that there is a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y n-o-t-h-i-n-g the Grand Old Party will not do in an effort to win a Presidential Election. So it shouldn’t have come as any surprise that Republicans and the conservative media has used President Obama’s name and color to rally millions of racist voters around the Party over the past 6 years. Albeit an immoral, un-Christian-like and sub-human strategy, it has worked very well for them. But what happens to the Party three to four years from now when blackness is not an issue and those millions of racist come to realize they’re paying a heavy price for voting their hatred and racism instead of for their own interest?

One need look no further back than the mid-term election just two months ago. Already the Republican majority in Congress has announced they intend to ‘payback’ the white working class that voted them in by giving more massive tax cuts to wealthy individuals and corporation while taking away tax deductions for those who voted for them.

So how do we come to the conclusion that the white working class voted in Republicans?

A study by the Public Religion Research Institute found that white working-class voters — defined as those lacking a college degree, and whose jobs paid an hourly wage — voted for the Republican over the Democrat for Congress [in 2014] by a whopping margin of 61 percent to 26 percent. [Bold added]

And what are the details of the price they’ll pay?

… the “vast majority” of recipients of the Earned Income Tax Credit [one of the tax deductions being taken away] — and remember, that credit only goes to people who earn enough money that, without it, they’d be paying income taxes — are white, according to data collected by the National Bureau of Economic Research. Finally, the 2009 Obama stimulus package expanded the Child Tax Credit [another deduction being taken away] to make more working class families eligible. We don’t have exact data on the racial composition of those who benefited from the expansion, but given that about half of families in poverty are white, we can extrapolate that somewhere around half of beneficiaries are white. [Bold added]

With the black man out of office and racist realizing they’ve been ‘thanked properly’ by the GOP, some of the things that won’t work for Republicans anymore are racist poll watchers. Then they’ll begin to remember the bills Republicans voted for or against while Obama was in office:

Other things those racist voters will open their eyes to are:

So how many racist are there out there who are of voting age? The majority: 51 to 56 percent. That’s somewhere around 50 million eligible voters. Obviously not all of them are going to suddenly become non-racist, but what happens to the GOP if just 10 percent open their eyes to what they’ve done to themselves by voting their racism? That’s 5 million who won’t be voting Republican anymore. And what’s been the margin in the last two Presidential Elections that Republicans won? George W. Bush in 2000 by a minus half-million votes, and 2004 where he“won by 3 million votes”.

Should you think the GOP had nothing to do with advancing racism under Obama, one should remember that in 2008 Obama’s popularity among whites was 2% more than was John Kerry’s – 43 percent vs. 41 percent. And given the successes under Obama for the working folks of this country, the increase of racism against him can only be contributed to efforts by Republicans and their ‘public relations’ groups.

Of course, racist Republican politicians will never change. They’ll jump on any bandwagon to help spread racism when opportunities arise.



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