Top Five News Picks for w/o March 15, 2015

FL Gov’t Worker: I Was Punished After Writing the Words Climate Change

After Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott banned the terms ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ from any official Florida documents, an employee for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Bart Bibler, was punished because he expressed his personal view on climate change and wrote the words “climate change” and “sea level rise” in his notes about a conference call on the matter. He was ordered to revise the document, which he did, but Bibler still ended up getting a reprimand and being put on leave. Bibler was also required to see a psychiatrist to sign forms to say he’s fit to return to work.

Congressman: The Keystone XL Pipeline Is Worth Building Even If It Only Creates One Job

After years of Republicans claiming highly-inflated job creations by the Keystone XL Pipeline, they have finally let the cat out of the bag. They actually don’t care about jobs — it’s their wealthy corporate friends they’re fighting for.

American Christians Ready To Commit Murder and Become Martyr’s Over Gay Marriages

According to Christian broadcaster and American Family Association director, Sandy Rios, American Christians had best be ready: if the Supreme Court sanctions marriage equality, it may mean martyrdom.”

Yep, that’s right. These “born-again” Christians are ready to take up radical Islamist tactics against American citizens, all “in Allah’s God’s name”, unless they get their way. Doesn’t that just make you want to become a member of the Christian world even more so?

Conservative most highly-feared scenario: We could make voting mandatory

President Obama suggested this week that if we wanted to get money out of politics, we could make voting mandatory. What could possibly scare Republicans more than that?

In the 2012 Presidential election there were 235.2 million U.S. citizens of voting age of which 129.4 million turned out to vote. Obama garnered 65.9 million of those votes while Mitt Romney had to settle for 61 million. (4 percent – 4.3 million – voted for someone else besides Obama or Romney with 7 percent – 9 million – undecided at the time of the survey.) That leaves 95 million eligible voters who did not vote. 59 percent (56 million) would have voted for Obama with 24 percent (22.8 million) would have voted for Romney. (The remaining non-voters would have either voted for someone else or not voted at all.) That means that Obama would have received 121.9 million votes to Romney’s 83.8 million; a difference of 35.1 million votes.

So now we understand Fox Fraudcasting’s thoughts on the matter – “Do We Really Want Everybody Voting? I Don’t Think So!” – and why they call Obama’s comment a “Totalitarian Impulse”: There would never be a Republican in the White House again nor would they ever control Congress again. Now that’s scary — if you’re a Republican!

Obama: Republicans Are ‘Motivated, Principally, By Opposing Whatever It Is That I Propose’

This is why it should be mandatory for all citizens who are of voting age to vote! Republicans don’t give a damn for ‘the people’ — they only care about power.


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