Top News Picks for w/o May 17, 2015

Megabanks Fined $2 Billion For Criminal Activity, Will Be Able To Continue Business As Usual

“Despite a slate of criminal fines with eye-popping dollar figures announced on Wednesday, five banks that conspired to rig foreign currency exchange rates in recent years face only minor real-world consequences that are more a cost of doing business than a significant punishment for breaking the law.”

Wall Street bankers have a long history of deliberately breaking laws and thumbing their nose at the Justice Department and the American people. So when you see the catch-phrase “Too Big To Jail”, know that’s a pure fact of life.

Wall Street insiders readily admit that these things happen all the time. And when Wall Street’s Public Relations Network (CNBC) begins inviting legal experts on air to discuss how disgusting these bankers are and how they’re getting away with blatant criminal activity, you got to know it’s bad (See video below).

It’s like Better Markets CEO Dennis Kelleher said, “if you ain’t jailed, you ain’t nailed”.

Would This Man Be Charged With Terrorism If He Were Muslim?

“On April 10, a former congressional candidate from Tennessee was arrested for plotting to kill Muslims and destroy a mosque. In court this week, 63-year-old Robert R. Doggart admitted to plotting to kill residents in Islamberg, a Muslim area in the state of New York.”

Doggart is not your run-of-the-mill Obama-hating backwoods redneck. He worked as an engineer for 40 years & has a Ph.D from LaSalle University. And my guess is that his favorite “news” channel is Fox “Conspiracy Network”, and that he listens to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh when he’s riding around in his favorite car-bomb vehicle. Scarier yet is that there are 9,238 Tennesseans who think just like Doggart. They voted for him to be their U.S. Representative in 2014.

GOPers Scheme To Pay For TPP Deal By Stealing From Medicare

Republicans think Obama’s “send more American jobs overseas” bill isn’t enough punishment for American workers. In fact, they want to jab a stick in the eye of today’s seniors as well as those workers once they become seniors by taking money away from Medicare to pay for retraining workers who will be out of work when their job is shipped overseas. And evidently Obama is okay with that as his silence on the proposal is a sign of agreement.

Long live the American people’s favorite political Party.

Government Finds $60 Billion Company Responsible For Deaths Of Four Workers, Fines It $99,000

Just as bankers, Americas’ giant corporations are also Too Big To Jail. Our governments’ attitude is to simple fine them 0.00028 percent of their 2014 revenue of $34.723 billion — making each of the four employees’ life worth $24,750. Hell, my wife’s speeding ticket was 1700 times more than DuPont’s’ fine based on percentage vs. income.

Scott DesjarlaisWhy This Lawmaker Opposes Abortion For Everyone Except His Own Wife And Mistress

“A Tennessee Republican is making headlines for voting in favor of a national abortion ban, even after pressuring the women in his own life to have legal abortions.”

Yep!!! Representative Scott Desjarlais proves once again that the Republicans’ motto is “for thee, not for me”. Or, IOKIYAR: “It’s okay if you’re a Republican”.


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