A Simple, Undeniable Example Of Racism Directed At Obama

There’s an email running around the net with the title “Have you seen any photos like this in the last 6 years?” The photos are of President George W. Bush with U.S. troops at various times throughout his Presidency. The pictures in the emails vary as there seems to be more than one on the net. Naturally the title unmistakable implies that President Obama has never visited American troops therefore there are no pictures of him with troops.

How sickening, even for an American racist – NOT the people who initiated the email, but recipients who automatically assume it’s true and passes the email on when all they would have to do is Google-up “photos of Obama with U.S. troops” to find the true. If they did, they’d find dozens of what they think never occurred.

But the truth doesn’t matter to a diehard racist. They’re not interested in the truth, especially when it concerns our black President.

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