Will It Be Trump Or Carson? Either Way Today’s Republicans And GOP Are Screwed.

throne-250In conversations over the years with sane Republican and Democratic voters we tend to eventually agree that maybe it’s time to “vote all the bastards out”. That’s been especially so over the past ten or twelve years. Naturally, we never meant they should be replaced with the crazies that have shown up in recent years. However, could it be possible that they and their crazed, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant supporters have opened the door for some positive changes?

With all the real problems we have in this country, who would have ever thought that hating on Hispanics could possibly become the catalyst for real, positive, long-term change. Of course, it’s not illegal immigrants that are our real problem; it’s the fools who are using them and similar issues to catapult themselves into stardom and power. But if we replace those fools with commoners who are sane, ordinary educated citizens then the biggest obstacle to solving our real problems will be no more.

Yes, Donald Trump did use the haters’ racism to jumpstart his campaign for the Republican Presidential nominee. And he’s infected with one or two more crazy bugs, but he also has some positive ideas if we are to believe what he says. For example, he openly admitted that big financial donors most definitely expect to be “repaid” for their multi-million dollar contributions to political candidates and Trump says he’d like to change that. He’s also solidly against shipping American jobs out of the country. And he wants to raise taxes on the wealthy and lower taxes on the working class. But that’s not all.

Trump is not happy with our trade agreements, which is gibberish for sending American jobs overseas, and says he intends to better negotiate them and make them fair. But the real biggie is his position on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid: Trump says he will not touch them, which makes the GOP irate since destroying those three programs has and continues to be their life-long ambition.

Concerning Ben Carson, I don’t think we have to worry about him. The Obama Presidency has proven without any doubt whatsoever that the political right – neither the powers to be nor the voters – are willing to accept a black man in the White House. That may change in the future, but not as long as the diehards are still around. There will always be those ignorant racist who will teach their children to hate on blacks, but they are in the minority and eventually won’t have any influence at all.

To further the point of this post, we should touch on the Democratic side of the Presidential campaign.

Hillary Clinton, who was supposed to be a shoo-in as the Party’s nominee, is rapidly losing ground to Independent (Progressive)-running-Democrat man-of-the-people, Bernie Sanders. In other words, Sander is an “outsider” and, like Trump, is getting the most attention in the polls – meaning the voters – even though the main stream media continues to write him off.

So what does this all mean? It means career politicians and puppets of the “rich & infamous” are not feeling very comfortable right about now. In fact, the Grand Old Party is very frustrated. They’re finally learning the hard way that their priorities are not their constituent’s priorities — that “we the people” still demand democracy; not a Plutocracy or an oligarchy such as the GOP and many Democrats have been representing for the past four decades.

So have we finally entered the era of “voting them all out”? Only time will tell, but if Trump or Carson and Sanders become the nominee of the two Parties it’s just possible we may be on our way. If successful, we’d certainly have to give the Koch brothers’ tea party a big hardy handshake – along with the Party crazies and their ardent supporters – for setting this all up.


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