The Men and Women Who Are Turning Would-Be Christians Away From God

Christians --- in particular, evangelical Christians --- have become the biggest obstacle to growing Christianity in America.

Christian activists are demanding that their religious rights be allowed to trump all other freedoms and rights. I find that somewhat ironic given the latest extensive Pew survey on religion that points out Christianity is in the biggest decline in American history - by 8 percent over the past seven years, and those who do not identify with any faith is on the rise. Naturally Christians would claim all this is because of the (imagined) “attacks” on their religion or the “unleashed sins” by liberals and the U.S. Supreme Court. But random conversations with would-be Christians tell a different story.

Rejecting HatredThe Christian activists in this country are promoting so much hatred, bigotry and racism that so-called non-born-again Christians have simply abandoning any thought of becoming a Christian. Many attitudes are that they will not give up their love and respect for people who are not like them or do not think like them, and demand their rights be revoked.

And it’s not just the non-born-again Christians that are getting a sour taste in their mouth over Christianity --- those of different faiths are also put off.

I’m reminded of an evangelical minister from many years ago whom I personally knew, and was friends with even though I did not attend his church. He admitted that in addition to ministering to the non-born-again Christians, his responsibility was to approach those of other faiths and tell them about the love and promises of Jesus Christ through Christianity. If he were alive today, I believe he would be very ashamed of the current crop of evangelical leaders and their spokespersons with the way they are conducting themselves.

Admittingly, not every evangelical Christian is filled with such vile. However, they are not speaking out against those who are preaching hate, bigotry and racism. I also find that ironic when many of these same people were asking where were the “good” Muslims when radical Muslims extremist were killing non-Muslims. The fact is, many American Muslims were speaking out, but Fox Faux and the main stream media simply chose not to cover it.

There are 56 million unaffiliated Americans that could potential be evangelicals if not for the religious-right extremist activists, and probably several million more that associate with another faith. But they’ll never join any group that preaches so much hate.

Considering that since the 1950’s Protestants in America has dropped by nearly half, one might think these activists would recognize the handwriting on the wall. Naturally part of that decline may be due to non-Protestant immigrants, but even if every immigrant were still non-Protestant that would not account for a loss of almost half.

So who are these “Christians” that are driving people away from Christianity? You probably already know some. To meet the most outspoken, click the button below for a slide show (in html new window), along with some additional info.


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