The 36 GOP Freedom Caucus Members Dictating Policy

If you’re not familiar with the Republican Freedom Caucus, you should be. They are the 36-member group in the House of Representatives that’s dictating policy to the remaining 212 Republicans. Their current demand is either defund Planned Parenthood or they will shut down the government. They claim the right to do so by citing “it’s what the people want”. If that’s the case then the Caucus members obviously have a mental math deficiency.

House Republicans garnered slightly over 40 million popular votes in 2014. Granted some candidates received more votes in their state than some in other states, but, with a number as large as 40 million, I think we can take some liberties here. Therefore, we can say the 36 Freedom Caucus members received about 6 to 8 million votes while the remaining 212 Republicans received about 30-plus million.

So, no; the 36 are not representing “the people”. Hell, they’re not even representing their potential 17% in spite of what they’re saying:

“We have a concern that both parties, both Republican and Democrats, come to Washington, DC saying that they’re working for the little people. But when they get here what they really do is they work for special interests. They work for the people that, that give more money to their campaigns. And what we want to do is we want to represent the people back home. We want to let the American people know that we believe in the things that they’re saying, we understand the frustrations that they have, and we’re just as frustrated as they are and we want to push that agenda forward in the House of Representatives.”

So who are they representing? The Freedom Caucus is often referred to as the tea party 2.0 so it should be obvious who they’re representing:

“… if you look at the people in Congress that are in the so-called Freedom Caucus, very much like the Tea Party caucus, you find them in Washington moving very much in circles that are very much about Koch brother money and other very elite money. And that money tends to be very much oil and gas money.”

Yep! The Koch brothers and the oil & gas industry.

When the Caucus was formed back in January of this year the tea party was losing clout in the House of Representatives. That’s when the Koch brothers stepped in with the power of their $80 billion-plus wealth and formed the Freedom Caucus.

The resulting damage to the GOP is well documented. They’ve escalated the internal civil war by forcing the resignation of House Speaker John Boehner based on a House rule that hadn’t been used for more than a hundred years, and the withdrawal of Representative Kevin McCarthy’s bid to replace Boehner. And they aren’t even close to being done.

freedom caucus mandateBelow you’ll find two slide shows with the names and faces of current members of the “Freedom” Caucus. The first is the founding members. The second is the remaining members. You should commit them to memory and remember them come election time. Of course, if you think people like the Koch brothers should be dictating policy, then you’ll want to re-elect them next year. But if you think the real people ought to be dictating policy then vote the traitorous bastards out!

The nine founding members of the House GOP Freedom Caucus
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The remaining members of the House GOP Freedom Caucus
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Note: Congressmen Tom McClintock of California and Reid Ribble of Wisconsin resigned from the Caucus due to differences in shutting down the government over trivial matters.

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