CNN Settles The Quagmire About Debates: MSM Very Pleased With Status Quo!

If you missed the first series of questions last night by the Democratic Presidential debate moderator, you most likely completely missed what should have been the biggest story coming out of the debate: The main stream media is working extremely hard to maintain the political & social status quo.

Right off the bat, just as with the Republican debate, Anderson Cooper fired off one question right after the other designed solely to initiate a fight between candidates. Of course Cooper can’t be completely blamed for the questions; as any fool should know, the questions were either designed or approved by CNN corporate muscle. Regardless, the message was clear: ‘Do everything you can to circumvent any discussion on substance and issues’.

But the candidates weren’t having any of it, and it became very clear with Bernie Sanders’ response to the moderator when Hillary Clinton was pressed on her email issue: “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails” leaving no doubt he was referring to the news media. “Enough about the emails!”

The message was received by CNN in spite of their best efforts. And the results is the American people was treated to what a political debate is supposed to be about, and now they pretty much know what they can expect if one of those candidates becomes President.


BTW: According to Google search, Sanders was clearly the winner, beating even Donald Trump, which says the public is also fed up with the way the MSM handles campaigns and debates.


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