A Message For Those Age 50 And Over Who Vote Republican

rip social security medicareDuring the 2012 Presidential Election 52 percent of voters from age 50 through 64 voted Republican. That age-group better be paying very close attention to what their 2016 Republican candidates intend to do unless they don’t care at what age they can retire or how much they’ll get in Social Security and Medicare benefits.

All GOP candidates, with the sometimes-exception of Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump, have made it clear they plan to gut Social Security and do away with Medicare. Sure, each one has a different idea on how to do it, but the results will be the same. While they’re doing that they intend to pass a tax reform bill that will allow the wealthy to keep billions of dollars each year while increasing taxes on the commoner. Here’s a “quick look”.

JEB BUSH: Privatize Social Security, Raise the Retirement Age As High as 70,End Medicare

SCOTT WALKER: Raise the Retirement Age

TED CRUZ: Privatize Social Security, Raise the Retirement Age, Cut Benefits

MARCO RUBIO: Raise the Retirement Age, May Cut Benefits, Privatize Medicare

RAND PAUL: Raise the Retirement Age to 70, Means-Test Social Security

JOHN KASICH: Privatize Social Security, Cut benefits

RICK PERRY: Social Security is a “Ponzi Scheme,” “Monstrous Lie”

RICK SANTORUM: Raise Retirement Age,Means Test Social Security, May cut cost of living adjustments for current and future beneficiaries

BOBBY JINDAL: Privatize Social Security

CARLY FIORINA: May Raise Retirement Age

LINDSEY GRAHAM: Cut Social Security Benefits for People who are unmarried and have no children.

GEORGE PATAKI: Raise Retirement Age, Shift More Medicare Cost to Seniors and People With Disabilities

Those were taken from the first Presidential debate back in August. Since then, most candidates have expanded on their ideas.

Jeb Bush says he will privatize Social Security without giving consumer’s a choice of financial advisors which will drive up the cost of private savings; and that he will use the voucher scam plan for Medicare, the latter which will fall way short of covering medical expenses.

The other candidates have also restated their position on Social Security since the first debate, and they are either holding firm or hardened their position even further.

So why do Republicans want to destroy Social Security? Because that’s what their 130 sugar daddy’s and sugar mama’s want. And they’re trying to justify it with lies that are simply not true.

So here’s a huge warning to those who will become seniors or have loved ones who will be seniors within the next 15 years: Go ahead and vote Republican if you want to be out on your ass at age 65 – or 70.


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