Things Obama Didn’t Do, Things Obama Did Do – And More.

Well, here we are – only four days before President Obama leaves office. Disappointments, oh, those mighty, mighty disappointments. How will we ever be able to live with ourselves after spending 2,994 – days & nights – warning of Armageddon and the resulting end of the world that was an absolute certainty if he took office in 2009?

Can someone please explain to me why Obama didn’t turn out to be the anti-Christ? Or why he didn’t take our guns, didn’t cancel the 2016 election, or at least make up an epidemic to postpone it; or signup millions of non-citizens to vote or didn’t stoke a race war in order to remain in power?

And what about that massive roundup & arrest of all his enemies after he distracted us by starting a nuclear war? Which, by the way, was so “imminent”? Can someone please answer that for me?

And while we’re on that subject, why did he change his mind about forcing us gun owners into the ghettos so he could round us all up like Jews in Nazi Germany? Why didn’t that happen? That was so obviously his plan! And why didn’t he build that private army for the sole purpose of killing US military service members, or kill every American citizen, or commit anti-white genocide like we prophesied?

And, dammit, why didn’t he invade Texas during Jade Helm 15? Hell, we even had the Texas Governor, State Legislators, US Senator’s & Representative’s backing us on that one! That may have been the one we were the most sure of!

There are so many, many other travesties that were sure to happen – so many that I am now utterly confused about the fact that none of them happened! How could we have been so wrong? My head hurts! And it’s spinning! My legs feel weak! I feel nauseous; I’ve been betrayed by that N#*@er!


After all, God was guiding us on our endeavor. We know that because we are totally committed to him as a patriot and Christian. Certainly He hasn’t abandoned us; we’re his people!

We did all the right things: We spent his entire Presidency bashing the hell out of Obama, day and night (although he did spent a great deal of his first term trying to make love to us).

So where do we go from here? Who will ever believe us again?


Of course they’ll believe us the next time!!! They’re idiots! They’re stupid! They’re gullible! And they’ll still be around when we need them again, and they’ll believe any dumbass, stupid thing we tell them!

Oh, happy days! I’m feeling better already!

But please! Pleeeease don’t tell them about the good things that black SOB did do for the country, and for us working class stiffs. It would be just too damn embarrassing. Besides, most of us are from the South anyway and you know what that means.


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