Donald Trump: Only President Ever To Seek Office For Sole Purpose Of More Fame And Riches

Today at noon Eastern Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. As Ryan Cooper put it in The Week, “Brace yourself, America: The Trump administration is going to be an epic disaster — an orgy of looting, corruption, and austerity. … It’ll be foxes in every henhouse, private industry in charge of the state, and an epidemic of looting and corruption.” And just one peek at Trump’s world-wide holdings and the people he has surrounded himself with, you just have to know that Schoen is right.

As has already been reported, Trump’s holdings are monstrous, numbering more than 500 separate entities around the world. It’s a deliberately designed network of confusion and mystery, which is a Trump normality, and would take, as they say, a whole slew of Philadelphia lawyers to figure out. But John W. Schoen, in a CNBC article, has given dummies like me a chance at seeing just how big Trump’s empire is.

With interactive images, one can get a small insight into Trump’s world. The screenshot below will give you an idea of how big and complicated Trump has set up his businesses. Use the link above or click on image to article and you will be able to hover over one of the hundreds of dots to see what it is and where it is located.

Meanwhile, know that “Trump has claimed his business is worth as much as $10 billion, but nothing in the federal ethics filings backs this up. Forbes recently estimated the value of his assets at $3.7 billion.” And we already know that his debt is in excess of $1 billion, although he always comes out a winner even when any partner’s he may have had always loses.

That’s our 45th President of the United States; the ultimate job where he will be able to further enrich himself like none before. And if certain others are in the way of falling money — then so be it.

Trump Holdings


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