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A Person without noble rank or title.

Nobility has absolutely no place in our country. In fact, the American Revolution was fought to rid ourselves of it. The ensuing Declaration of Independence was then written in an effort to ensure no one could ever rule over others, with the most memorable part declaring that all men are created equal. Yet, as time passed, many elevated themselves to the status of nobility. Once self-anointed, they considered themselves better, thereby look down on others as their servants and slaves.

By 2010 there were about 5.5 million millionaires in the US. By contrast more than 198 million earn less than $100,000 according to the US Census Bureau. In 2000 the top 10% owned 69.8% of the country’s wealth. The past ten years has witnesses them gaining more and more (estimated between 80 and 90% today), with the top 10% now “owning” the United States of America. And it’s among that group we find the self-appointed “nobles”. Consequently, they have used their wealth, and the power it has bought them, to rule over “their kingdom”.

But it’s not only the very wealthy that have placed themselves high on a pedestal. A very large majority of our elected officials also view themselves among the “better than thou” crowd, including some who have served in the two highest offices of the land. They have fought a hard fight to elevate and preserve the nobles. Without the full support of those government leaders, there would be no “nobles”.

The news media is also a huge part of the problem. Rather than serving as a watchdog as they once did, they now “serve” the nobles with admiration and envy, and defend those in the government whose allegiance is only to the nobles. In fact, most in the media see themselves as either nobility or part of the inter-circle of nobility.

CPS News is dedicated to the bottom 94 percent. As such, any issue that favors the top 6% over the bottom 94% is not looked upon very favorably by the Old Man, and will always be challenged.

The Old Man’s political and social ideology fully supports the commoner; not those who have placed themselves above others. My Political Compass falls near dead center. I do not believe in wealth redistribution; most especially from the bottom up, as has been the case since the early 1980’s. Therefore, I will speak out against any and all attempts to take from the commoner.

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