How to Raise Children

People are always telling us how to raise our children. As a senior citizen and grandfather, I have my opinion on this. To begin with, I suggest throwing away all those “how to” books. Not the type such as medical books that give you important facts, but the ones that tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. You have to remember that the latter are books usually written by people with opinions that got lucky enough to get their book published (anyone can publish a book now a days). Some of these people have never had children of their own. AND, stop listening to those same people when they are on television or in print. They will not be the ones that have to deal with your children when they become something you did not want.

I have two basic rules to follow in raising children: Always give them unconditional love & respect; teach them to be respectful and respected. PERIOD. Obviously, there are many topics that would fall under these two rules, but you get the idea.

I give you one example. When was the last time you saw a perfect stranger who offered you the same respect that they demanded from you? It certainly wasn’t from one of those people who are telling you how to raise your child.

People always say that a person does not miss things they never experienced. A very true statement. Therefore, I don’t expect the majority of those who are under 40 years of age to fully comprehend my point. So you have to ask yourself this question; why is there a higher ratio of young people today doing so many things wrong than there were 40 years ago? There are no documented facts on this, but people of my age group will not hesitate to tell you they seldom encountered a person, young or old, 40 years ago that displayed the disrespect for others or themselves that is displayed today.

The bottom line is there is no “book” on how to properly raise a child. Unfortunately, it is an “on-the-job” training program. So go back to basics and always use the rule of “right is right, wrong is wrong; good is good, bad is bad”.

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