Greed & Corruption – Devouring America

Historically, the fall of most great & powerful country’s & society’s can be traced back to the greed & corruption of their leaders and powerful men. Regardless of how the final blow came, it always started with greed & corruption. So why do we not learn from this history and continue to do it again & again? It’s very simple! The attitude of these newcomers is “they did it wrong and it won’t happen here”. The sadness is that the citizens always stood by and allowed these men to destroy them. In many cases a number of citizens willingly supported what these men were doing. Who knows how these citizens justified their inactions. For whatever the reason, most likely they believed the lies they were being told. By the time they accepted the fact they were being told lies it was too late.

I will first tell you I am a skeptic. Typically I am not a very trusting person. In my old age I have come to question the truth and/or accuracy of anything anyone might say unless I already know what they are saying is fact. I take no ones word on anything. In my younger days I assumed everyone was being honest in what they said until proven differently. Now I have evolved to the point that I must assume that those I don’t know are not being honest until proven differently. I guess you could say I evolved to this state through tough & costly experiences.

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