Corporate Welfare

March 18, 2010

The Old Man’s post on Corporate Welfare vs. The National Debt back in January has generated a fair amount of interest by readers. As such, I have decided to do a brief follow-up which mostly consist of listing reliable articles and publications on the subject of corporate welfare.

As an example, “Corporate Welfare Budget – Bigger Than Ever” from 2001 tells us “If corporate welfare were eliminated tomorrow, the federal government could provide taxpayers with an annual tax cut more than twice as large as the tax rebate checks mailed out in 2001.” Corporate welfare has only increased since then.

Both political party supporters have some skin in this game. Corporate welfare was nearly as liberal under Democratic Presidents and Democratic controlled Congresses as they were under the Republicans. Democrats had chances to do something about it, but chose not to. About the only thing they can tout is that they haven’t issued the bulk of the tax breaks and welfare. But Democrats’ hands are just as dirty.

The information provided in the report cited above should be enough alone for all commoners, Democrat and Republican alike, to “converge” on Washington and put a stop to it. “Converge” should be interpreted as screaming out at all our elected representatives to put a stop to corporate welfare. And if they don’t, vote them out and tell the world why you’re voting them out. And if the next batch does nothing about it, vote them out.

If we’re serious about the budget, debt, and deficit we’ll do something meaningful about it. But if we’re more interested in letting partisan politics continue to rule our lives and our country (just as our elected officials want it), then lets just keep giving our hard earned money to corporations. What’s more important to you?


New reliable links will be added from time to time. So revisit this page to stay informed about corporate welfare.

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The Corporate Welfare State – How the Federal Government Subsidizes U.S. Businesses – Published in 2007

Corporate Welfare Update – Published in 2002

The Corporate Welfare Budget – Bigger Than Ever – Published in 2001

Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers – The Hidden Cost of Spending on Defense and Foreign Aid – Published in 1999

Ending Corporate Welfare As We Know It – Published in 1995

Corporate Welfare – CATO Handbook for Congress

Corporate Welfare Report – A TIME Investigation from 1998

Big Oil, Bigger Giveaways

Oil Subsidies

Right-Wing Media Oppose Corporate Welfare —Except When Dems Are Eliminating It — On corporations and the news media declaring health-care reform cost corporation hundreds of billions of dollars.

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