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GOP Agenda:
Everything Except Jobs

Since 2008
No Bill's Introduced by
Senate or House Republicans
Were Job Creators

But They Did
Campaign & Vote Against Jobs Bill
Introduced By Democrats and Independents

May 12, 2011

UPDATED: April 2016
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Prior to the 2010 election, jobs was the "GOP's number one agenda" - so they claimed (but their actions told a different story). Their rallying cry was "jobs", which was used to justify the extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. However, to date, we haven't heard one single honest discussion about jobs.

Since the new Congress convened in January 2011, with the Republicans in charge of the House, not one single bill has been introduced that seriously addresses the growing unemployment in our country. But they've certainly addressed dozens of other issues, all of which promote their ideological agenda. As the DCCC put it, the GOP's plan for jobs is to start saying the word "Jobs" more often.

Then, in May 2011, House Republican introduced a bill (PDF) called "JOBS". It stands for "Jobs, Opportunity, Benefits, and Services Act of 2011". Naturally it's being touted by the GOP and their propaganda networks as a bill that will actually stimulate jobs. But it does no such thing!

The bill does nothing more than permit states to use federal unemployment funds for things other than unemployment benefits, such as paying down the states debt.

The GOP has only one jobs plan and it is the same one they've always had: Give corporate America more tax breaks and more taxpayer dollars. Their lastest, as of 2013, is called "The Republican No Cost Jobs Plan" (Since been removed ...because...) and is from the office of the Republican majority leader, Eric Cantor.

The following is a partial list of bills Republicans have introduced during the 112th & 113th Congress. Some have been passed into law and others were defeated. What you'll notice is there is not one single bill that addresses unemployment.

(NOTE: There may be some duplications listed. If so, they are few. However, the intent is to point out the long list of bills submitted by Republicans that is completely absent of any serious jobs bills, which doesn't include the hundreds of House Resolutions put forth by the 112th Congress. If you're not familiar with the difference in Bills and Resolutions, you may want to find out.)

The "Media-Reported" Bills
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Additional Bills Submitted By GOP

The Anti-Environment Bills