The GOP's Supreme Court

The March Toward Fascism:
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Judicial Branch

October 2010

UPDATED: November 2016

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A Court for the money power, and our democracy is at stake
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After being nominated by President George W. Bush to fill the seat of deceased William Rehnquist, John Roberts was sworn in as Supreme Court Chief Justice in 2005. Sandra Day O’Connor had announced that she would retire shortly before Rehnquist's death, thus leaving open her seat to be filled by a Bush nominee. Samuel Alito was that person and he was confirmed to the Court in 2006.

Although O’Connor was a Reagan nominee (a Republican? maybe, maybe not.), she was not an activist, nor was she known to make any rulings based on any political agenda. As for Rehnquist, he too was not an activist, and he did not allow the right's political agenda to sway him too far from what he truly believed in. However, with those two out of the way --- with Roberts in the driver's seat --- things begin to change pretty rapidly.

We are all painfully aware of the crown jewel decision by the Roberts Court: Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission. In effect, that resulted in declaring that corporations were humans, thus giving them the right to spend as much money as they wanted on elections.

For several years, a few of the Supreme Court justice's has dabbled in ignoring ethics rules, biased rulings and activism. However, with Roberts now heading up the Court with a clear agenda to steer the country "legally" to the far right, any and all fears of being seen as activist and ethics breakers suddenly disappeared. The results have been "a court gone wild".

For example, GOP Justice Samual Alito attended a political fundraiser headlined by Michele Bachmann, RNC Chairman, back in 2010. That was the most egregious example of a justice ignoring their own ethics rule. Lee Fang, a reporter for Think Progress, tried to get a word with Alito at the fundraiser, but all Alito said was it's not important that I'm here. and walked away. Later Fang was threatened by Alito's security guards (paid by us taxpayers) when he again approached Alito to question him further. The video below documents the incident.

The following headlines are about those GOP members and how they've become completely immoral and, compared to past rules and laws, become criminals themselves. The result is that one of the three branches of government has become so corrupt that they are totally meaningless to the democratic process of our country.

This document will be updated as new articles appear. Check back often to stay informed.


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