Health Care Reform
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Paul Ryan Plan

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September 2011

September 2011
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The misinformation and out-right falsehoods spread by the right-wing media about Healthcare Reform has certainly not gone lacking. The same can be said about the right-wing thinktanks, as well as every Republican member of Congress. As a result, most of the public is completely ignorant to what the law actually contains, and what it does and does not do for them.

While there are some downsides to the law, the upside, where the consumer is concerned, outweigh the downside to such an extent that it's really a mute point. As several opponents have, in effect, said, 'the law must be killed before the benefits are realized'. That's the only way it could be killed; except, of course, by the GOP Supreme Court.

The links contained herein debunk many of the GOP claims. Some prove their claims to be out-right lies. Look them over carefully, but leave your biases behind as you do so. You might just learn some truths.

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