Identities of Those Destroying the Republican Party for Their Selfish Interest

These are those who are destroying the Republican Party. In doing so, they have abandoned the basic party principals for their own selfish reasons. Republicans decided sometime back that the party was more important than the people, and any cost was worth keeping party members in line and the party in power.

Ann Colter

Bill O'Reilly

Billy Tauzin

Charles Krauthammer

Dick Armey

Dick Cheney

Eric Cantor

George W. Bush

Glen Beck

Jeb Hensarling

Jim DeMint

Joe Wilson

John Boehner

John Ensign

Larry Kudlow

Laura Ingraham

Mark Sanford

Michele Bachmann

Michelle Malkin

Mike Pence

Newt Gingrich

Paul Ryan

Phil Gramm

Rick Perry

Rush Limbaugh

Sarah Palin

Sean Hannity

Tom Delay

Virginia Foxx

William Kristol

Bob Corker