The United States of Inequality – Recommended Reading

The United States of Inequality

The Great Divergence

A 10-Part Series

Authored by Timothy Noah for Slate.

Timothy Noah kicked off this series by looking at whether race, gender, or the breakdown of the nuclear family affected income inequality, and then he examined immigration, the technology boom, federal government policy, the decline of labor unions, international trade, whether the ultra wealthy are to blame, and what role the decline of K-12 education has played. In conclusion, Noah explained why we can’t ignore income inequality.”


In the late 1970s, a half-century trend toward growing income equality reversed itself. Ever since, U.S. incomes have grown more unequal. Middle-class incomes stagnated while the top 1 percent’s share of national income climbed to 24 percent.

Pt. 1; Introducing the Great Divergence: Trying to understand income inequality.

Pt. 2; The Usual Suspects Are Innocent: Neither race nor gender nor the breakdown of the American family created the Great Divergence.

Pt. 3; Did Immigration Create the Great Divergence?: Why we can’t blame income inequality on the post-1965 immigration surge.

Pt. 4; Did Computers Create Inequality?: No. The tech boom’s impact was no greater than that of previous technological upheavals during the 20th century.

Pt. 5; Can We Blame Income Inequality on Republicans?: Yes, but for the very richest beneficiaries the trend has been bipartisan.

Pt. 6; The Great Divergence and the Death of Organized Labor: How has the decline of the union contributed to income inequality?

Pt. 7; The Great Divergence and International Trade: Trade didn’t create inequality, and then it did.

Pt. 8; The Stinking Rich and the Great Divergence: Executive compensation took off in the 1980s and 1990s. Is it to blame?

Pt. 9; How the Decline in K-12 Education Enriches College Graduates: When the workforce needed to be smarter, Americans got dumber.

Pt. 10; Why we can’t ignore growing income inequality: It undermines the ideal of e pluribus unum.

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