‘The People’ Have Spoken: More Reaganomics – Rather Than Something That Works For Everyone

Reaganomics set the stage for the top ten billionaires’ fortunes to grow by $101.8 billion in 2013. Warren Buffett alone averaged $37 million PER DAY.


Reason No. 71 for #OWS: After Getting Massive Taxpayer Bailout, Citigroup Allowed To Write Law Which Will Require Future Bailouts

Lawmakers are passing bills written by Citigroup that that will greatly benefit Citigroup and provide for another future bailout.


Solid Evidence That Wall Street Still Believes Taxpayers Will Bail Out TBTF Banks

With the multiple tragedies of this past week which has rightfully so dominated the news, there were a few stories that ran under the radar. One of those came from Reuters claiming regulators are slowly getting the upper hand on … [CLICK TO READ MORE]