Don’t Quite Understand BofA’s $75 Trillion Dump On American Taxpayers? Watch This VIDEO

October 21, 2011 A couple of days ago I mentioned that Bank of America, in an approval from the Federal Reserve (Ben Bernanke) and the FDIC, transferred $75 trillion in potentially toxic assets to a taxpayer-guaranteed account. If you don’t … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Want To Know Why Dodd-Frank Law Isn’t Going Anywhere? Hint: As Usual, Goldman Sachs Leads the Way

July 30, 2011 Besides the fact that the Republicans in Congress continue to do everything in their power to kill any regulation over Wall Street banks, the bankers them selves, with the help of their grand organizations, have unleashed an … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Financial Bailout Cost: The Bliss of Ignorance

March 16, 2011 It never gets any better; it only gets worse. I’m referring to, of course, the amount of taxpayer money that Wall Street banks relied on in order to keep from going under. For two years the Old … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Citigroup’s $300 Billion Taxpayer-Guaranteed Loans – Videos

These guarantees by the FDIC, using taxpayer money, seems to be a subject that everyone wants running under the radar. The only money regularly talked about is the TARP money, and how Citigroup is “paying-it-back”!