Today’s Brief’s: April 3, 2013 Corporations Suddenly Against Tax Reform, Congress Responds Quickly to Corporate Demands and Congressional Members Still Protecting Themselves

How many times have we heard from corporate America and their political Party that corporate taxes are too high? It’s a charge we hear all – the – time. So, in an attempt to fix the “too high” “problem”, major … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Romney And Ryan’s Medicare Plan In One Easy-To-Understand Graphic

As is well known by those who think for themselves, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and VP candidate Paul Ryan intend to cut the hell out of Medicare. Of course they deny it each and every time they are confronted, but … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Headlines on Day-One of Release of Ryan Budget 2.0 – UPDATED

March 20, 2012 As already posted today, House Republican Representative Paul Ryan has released “Ryan Budget 2.0”, which is not much different than 1.0 from two years ago. Needless to say, with the plan designed for one thing and one … [CLICK TO READ MORE]