It’s True! America Has A ‘Death Panel’

January 6, 2011 Who hasn’t heard about the infamous death panel the Republicans claim was/is in health care reform? I mean, that’s all we heard about during the so-called ‘debate’ over the issue. Well, it’s true! We do have a … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Next Up: Paying for Tax Cuts with Social Security and Medicare Cuts

December 23, 2010 Now that the party-for-the-wealthy has their unpaid-for tax cuts for the rich, they plan on making up for it in great part with cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Their two-sided hypocrisy has flipped, and now they’re … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Other Interesting Headlines – Week of July 12, 2010

Note: Due to post format, links will open in a new window. CORRECTION: The Old Man quoted Goldman Sachs earning $550 million in just three days, when in fact it takes about 2 weeks for Goldman to earn those kinds of … [CLICK TO READ MORE]