Eliminating Or Privatizing Social Security WILL NOT Fix Deficit

Relative to Social Security, the simplistic ignorance of millions of people is mind-boggling. Of course that’s the primary purpose of much of today’s media: To dumb-down their faithful audience. Their accomplishment here is that they’ve convinced most of those millions … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Headlines on Day-One of Release of Ryan Budget 2.0 – UPDATED

March 20, 2012 As already posted today, House Republican Representative Paul Ryan has released “Ryan Budget 2.0”, which is not much different than 1.0 from two years ago. Needless to say, with the plan designed for one thing and one … [CLICK TO READ MORE]

Debt Ceiling Budget Plans: ‘You Sacrifice Now And We’ll Fix It Later’ (UPDATED 2)

UPDATED with link at bottom. July 21, 2011 Ok, so we’ve got several different versions of a budget plan designed to address the standoff over the debt ceiling. We have the President’s “big deal” plan, the Republicans “Cut, Cap and … [CLICK TO READ MORE]